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Attaching the garage billboards to sectional doors

The garage billboards are also suitable for sectional doors. Please remember that you will need additional Velcro for a sectional door as all sections require it. You can order additional Velcro or loop tape in the category Accessories. You can download a comprehensive assembly manual for sectional doors here.

Assembly for sectional doors

Clean the edges of the sectional door and measure the sections
Trim the design to fit
Attach additional hook Velcro to all edges of each section
Stick the fuzzy side of the Velcro to all edges of the back of the cover
Attach the trimmed covers to the sectional door
Mark the location of the garage door handle and cut it out
Attach the cover to each section one by one
When you open and close the door, neither the cover nor the door will be damaged
All done!

  Assembly instructions